Approved Products

Please see the reference table below for products that have been stringently tested with our adhesive range.

Each product below has a Statement of Performance (SOP) Sheet in PDF format that outlines the criteria and successful outcome of these tests in detail.

NOTE: This list is frequently updated so be sure to check back on this page often. Please contact customer service for a copy of the approved products’ SOP sheets.

If you have a particular floor or wall covering that you would like us to test on our ever expanding range of Premium Eco Adhesives please contact us.

The documents below reflect the results of Spray-Lock, Inc.’s lab testing only and do not reflect the opinion or results of the material manufacturers. These statements are not a warranty. Please see the warranty page for those details. These results reflect current testing of flooring samples provided to us “as-is.”

Spray-Lock, Inc. does not reflect any future changes to flooring that are beyond Spray-Lock, Inc.’s control.

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Flooring ManufacturerProduct NameAdhesive FormulaStatement of Performance
AdoreBasic6500Click for PDF
Planks6500Click for PDF
Touch Contract6500Click for PDF
AlliedLVT6500Click for PDF
Allied TileAu Natural6500Click for PDF
AltroDolce3100Click for PDF
Dolce Essentials9500Click for PDF
Ethos Comfort3500Click for PDF
Lavencia Plus6500Click for PDF
Quartz Chip9500Click for PDF
Quartz Tile9500Click for PDF
Zodiac3100Click for PDF
American BiltriteMirra Tile6500Click for PDF
AmticoSpacia6500Click for PDF
Stria6500Click for PDF
ArmstrongAbode3100Click for PDF
Accolade Plus3100Click for PDF
Alterna6500Click for PDF
Connection Corlon3100Click for PDF
Corlon3500Click for PDF
Duality Premium Plus3100Click for PDF
Excelon9500Click for PDF
Luxe Plank6500Click for PDF
LVT Plank6500Click for PDF
Medintech3500Click for PDF
Medintech Tandum3500Click for PDF
Medintone3500Click for PDF
Medley3100Click for PDF
Migrations9500Click for PDF
Natural Creations6500Click for PDF
Natural Personality6500Click for PDF
Paralell6500Click for PDF
Possibilities Petite Point3100Click for PDF
Raffia9500Click for PDF
Rejuvination3500Click for PDF
Stratamax3500Click for PDF
Striations9500Click for PDF
Timberline3500Click for PDF
Vivero Collection6500Click for PDF
ArtistekForestwood Exotics6500Click for PDF
Barnwood6500Click for PDF
Regency Plank6500Click for PDF
AzrockAzterra VET9500Click for PDF
Color Essence9500Click for PDF
Color Essence SR9500Click for PDF
Cortina Colors9500Click for PDF
Cortina Grande9500Click for PDF
Gemstone9500Click for PDF
BeaulieuBliss Avenues6500Click for PDF
Bliss Picturesque6500Click for PDF
Landscapes6500Click for PDF
LSI Clovelly6500Click for PDF
Bentley MillsNexStep Cushion Backing6200Click for PDF
Terrene Collection6200Click for PDF
BolyuFounder 26200Click for PDF
Mineral6500Click for PDF
Natural Wood6500Click for PDF
Nexterra Back6200Click for PDF
Textile6500Click for PDF
Burke12 Mil Luxury Vinyl Concrete6500Click for PDF
12 Mil Luxury Vinyl Granite6500Click for PDF
12 Mil Luxury Vinyl Natural Stone6500Click for PDF
12 Mil Luxury Vinyl Slate6500Click for PDF
12 Mil Luxury Vinyl Solid6500Click for PDF
12 Mil Luxury Vinyl Tile Natural Wood Planks Fine Grain Wood6500Click for PDF
12 Mil Luxury Vinyl Tile Natural Wood Planks Rustic Wood6500Click for PDF
12 Mil Luxury Vinyl Travertine6500Click for PDF
20 Mil Luxury Vinyl Country Naturals Handscraped Wood6500Click for PDF
CabanaCivic DR Domestic6500Click for PDF
CenturaDura Plank6500Click for PDF
Dura Tile6500Click for PDF
Saga 26500Click for PDF
VeronaMezzo3100Click for PDF
ChilewichPlynyl6500Click for PDF
Plynyl Biofelt back tile6200Click for PDF
Plynyl Urethane back6200Click for PDF
Plynyl Vinyl Back Tile6200Click for PDF
CimecoCommercial LVT6500Click for PDF
CongoleumAlternatives9500Click for PDF
Choices9500Click for PDF
CX Series9500Click for PDF
Endurance Plank6500Click for PDF
Floorever Plus3100Click for PDF
Structure Plank6500Click for PDF
Connor SportReact6500Click for PDF
ConstantineCarpet Tile6500Click for PDF
Sustillian6500Click for PDF
CVGAnti Fatigue6200Click for PDF
Carpet Tile (Fiber Back)6200Click for PDF
Dominator6200Click for PDF
Natures View6500Click for PDF
DaltonianSB Vinyl6200Click for PDF
DAREANovofloor Standard3100Click for PDF
Vinyl sheet3100Click for PDF
DecoriaPlank6500Click for PDF
Slate6500Click for PDF
Wood Planks6500Click for PDF
DessoNeo Core6200Click for PDF
DomoCarpet Tile6500Click for PDF
DuChateuAntique White6500Click for PDF
DumaplastDumaplast Wall & Ceiling TileFRP AdhesiveClick for PDF
EarthWerksAdobe Stone6500Click for PDF
Avante6500Click for PDF
Bamboo Horizon6500Click for PDF
Brazos6500Click for PDF
Ceramic6500Click for PDF
Dakota Plank6500Click for PDF
Easy Werks LooseLay6500Click for PDF
Gala6500Click for PDF
Genesis Plank6500Click for PDF
Hathaway6500Click for PDF
Impressions6500Click for PDF
Lancaster LVT6500Click for PDF
Legacy6500Click for PDF
Legacy Collection6500Click for PDF
Meridian6500Click for PDF
Montana6500Click for PDF
Pallisades6500Click for PDF
Pavia Stone6500Click for PDF
Rapture6500Click for PDF
Soledo LVT6500Click for PDF
Timeless Design6500Click for PDF
Wood Antique6500Click for PDF
Wood Classic6500Click for PDF
EcoDomoEchelon3500Click for PDF
Echelon Collection6200Click for PDF
Echelon Collection Plus6500 Eco-TechResilient Floating Floor6500Click for PDF
Edgewood MattingHorizon6200Click for PDF
Premium Knob Rib6200Click for PDF
Premium Knob Rim Scrim6200Click for PDF
EstrieLuxury Oak6500Click for PDF
Mirra6500Click for PDF
Texas Granite3100Click for PDF
EternityEternity Underlaymnet Eternity SG3100Click for PDF
Euro-FlexHigh Traction Tile6500Click for PDF
Fabric CusionQuietBLOCK LVT9500Click for PDF
Fishman FLooring SolutionsAnchor Carpet tile6200Click for PDF
FlexcoNatural Elements6500Click for PDF
Quartz9500Click for PDF
Solid Vinyl Tile6500Click for PDF
Wood Tones6500Click for PDF
X-Quisite6500Click for PDF
FlexitechFlexitech3500Click for PDF
Floor MufflerUltraseal LVT Underlay6500Click for PDF
Floorfolio2mm (On Demand)6500Click for PDF
EnviroQuiet6500Click for PDF
Timber6500Click for PDF
Wood Plank6500Click for PDF
FloorFXQuietech 1mm6500Click for PDF
Quietech 1.5mm6500Click for PDF
Standard LVT6500Click for PDF
FloorworksLVT6500Click for PDF
Foam Products Corp.Dynatheane Capet Cushion6500Click for PDF
Eco-Ultimate Silencer6200Click for PDF
Silence6500Click for PDF
Silencer LVT6200Click for PDF
ForboCoral Duo6500Click for PDF
Eternal Marble3500Click for PDF
Eternal Step Tile3100Click for PDF
Eternal Wood3500Click for PDF
Flotex6200Click for PDF
Traction Step3500Click for PDF
Fordon InternationalPatriot Justice6200Click for PDF
FrankPlank6500Click for PDF
FritztileFlexible Terrazzo Tile9500Click for PDF
GerflorAccord 300 Tile3500Click for PDF
Artline6500Click for PDF
Bamboo Tea3500Click for PDF
Creation6500Click for PDF
Creation Tile3100Click for PDF
Creation Tile Platinum6500Click for PDF
Dry-Tex3100Click for PDF
Elegance 2903500Click for PDF
Insight6500Click for PDF
Mipolam Cosmo3100Click for PDF
Mipolam Elegance3500Click for PDF
Mipolam Symbioz3500Click for PDF
Mipolam Troplan 1003500Click for PDF
Nera Contract Wood3500Click for PDF
New Port Ebene3100Click for PDF
NRPFRP AdhesiveClick for PDF
Nubuck Grey3100Click for PDF
Recreation 303500Click for PDF
Recreation 453500Click for PDF
Recreation 603500Click for PDF
Saga 26500Click for PDF
Saga 2 Platinum3500Click for PDF
Tarabus2100Click for PDF
Taraflex Multi Use3500Click for PDF
Taraflex Sport M Performance Plus3500Click for PDF
Taraflex Sport M +3500Click for PDF
Taralay Comfort3500Click for PDF
Taralay Impression Comfort3500Click for PDF
Taralay Impression Organic Compact3500Click for PDF
Tarasafe Ultra Comfort3500Click for PDF
Univers 75 P3100Click for PDF
GlassteelGlasliner FRPFRP AdhesiveClick for PDF
Grand EntranceDesign Step6200Click for PDF
Eco ShieldFRP AdhesiveClick for PDF
LVT Wood6500Click for PDF
Xiara 3mm LVT6500Click for PDF
Xiara 5mm LVT6500Click for PDF
GTP International Inc.Free Fit6500Click for PDF
HallmarkElDorado LVT6500Click for PDF
HalmarkFloors Smokey Mt6500Click for PDF
HarbingerHarbinger LVT6500Click for PDF
HartexSuper 40 oz6100Click for PDF
InterfaceFLORConserve6500Click for PDF
Equilibrium6500Click for PDF
Flor6500Click for PDF
Glasbac6200Click for PDF
Glasbac RE6200Click for PDF
Graflex6500Click for PDF
Huega Superflor6200Click for PDF
Monochrome6200Click for PDF
Super Flor Graflor6200Click for PDF
Swing6500Click for PDF
Tatami Tile6200Click for PDF
IVCBlue Print3500Click for PDF
Itec3500Click for PDF
Legacy Plank6500Click for PDF
J&JeKo back6500Click for PDF
Endore Plus Back6200Click for PDF
Nexus Backing6500Click for PDF
JohnsoniteAcczent Wood3100Click for PDF
Aria3100Click for PDF
Azterra9500Click for PDF
Granit3100Click for PDF
I.D Freedom6500Click for PDF
I.D Inspiration6500Click for PDF
I.D Patriot6500Click for PDF
Melodia3100Click for PDF
Optima3100Click for PDF
Optimatile3500Click for PDF
Patriot6500Click for PDF
Training6500Click for PDF
Julie IndustriesStatic Smart Carpet TileESD 1005Click for PDF
Static Smart Vinyl TileESD 1005Click for PDF
KarndeanArt Select6500Click for PDF
Da Vinci6500Click for PDF
HDC6500Click for PDF
K-Trade6500Click for PDF
Knight Tile6500Click for PDF
Michaelangelo6500Click for PDF
Opus6500Click for PDF
Van Gogh6500Click for PDF
Deco Wood6500Click for PDF
Gallant9500Click for PDF
Naturlife3500Click for PDF
Rexcourt3500Click for PDF
KolayDream Collection6500Click for PDF
Free Lay LVT6500Click for PDF
KrausEnstyle Robusto Plank6500Click for PDF
Rhone6200Click for PDF
LammettBayport6500Click for PDF
Leggett & PlattWhisper Step Underlay6500Click for PDF
LeesRealization6500Click for PDF
LGArtwalk3500Click for PDF
BioLife3500Click for PDF
DecoWood6500Click for PDF
Gallant9500Click for PDF
Naturelife3500Click for PDF
Rexcourt3500Click for PDF
LimontaSportPro3500Click for PDF
LodgiInternational Aspen Collection6500Click for PDF
International Tahoe Collection
6500Click for PDF
LonsealLonbeadFRP AdhesiveClick for PDF
Lonbead3100Click for PDF
Loncoin I3100Click for PDF
Loncoin II3100Click for PDF
Loncoin II Flecks3100Click for PDF
Loneco3100Click for PDF
Loneco Linen3100Click for PDF
Lonfloor Flecks3100Click for PDF
Lonfloor Galvanized3100Click for PDF
Lonfloor Lonmetro3100Click for PDF
Lonfloor Plain3100Click for PDF
Lonfloor Vista3100Click for PDF
Lonfoam3100Click for PDF
Lonpearl3100Click for PDF
Lonplate II3100Click for PDF
Lonplate Patina3100Click for PDF
Lonpoint Moonwalk3100Click for PDF
Lonsafe Underlament3100Click for PDF
Lonstage3100Click for PDF
Lonwave Mirage3100Click for PDF
Lonwood Dakota3100Click for PDF
Lonwood Lonzebra3100Click for PDF
Lonwood Madera3100Click for PDF
Lonwood Natural3100Click for PDF
LoppacherEntrance Matting6500Click for PDF
Transit Premium3500Click for PDF
ManningtonAdura6500Click for PDF
Assurance3500Click for PDF
Assurance Squared6500Click for PDF
Axis3100Click for PDF
Benchmark Northcrest3100Click for PDF
BioSpec3500Click for PDF
Biospec FB3500Click for PDF
Classic3100Click for PDF
Colorpoint9500Click for PDF
Designer Essentials9500Click for PDF
Epic6500Click for PDF
9500Click for PDF
Essentials OSB9500Click for PDF
Graffiti6500Click for PDF
Infinity Back6500Click for PDF
Infinity ReBack6200Click for PDF
Insight Plus3500Click for PDF
Jumpstart Woods Towne3100Click for PDF
Life Lines II3500Click for PDF
Magna Multiflec3100Click for PDF
Natures Path6500Click for PDF
Paradigm Collection3500Click for PDF
Primus3500Click for PDF
Progressions9500Click for PDF
Realities3500Click for PDF
Relay3500Click for PDF
rEvolve6200Click for PDF
Revolve Back6500Click for PDF
Sobella Deluxe3100Click for PDF
Sobella Omni HD3100Click for PDF
Sobella Prime3100Click for PDF
Sobella Supreme3100Click for PDF
Solidpoint9500Click for PDF
Touchstone9500Click for PDF
Vivendi3500Click for PDF
Walkway6500Click for PDF
MaslandArrhythmic6500Click for PDF
Artesian6500Click for PDF
Modular6500Click for PDF
MatsIncBolon Tile6500Click for PDF
Debolon Comfort3100Click for PDF
Debolon Compact3500Click for PDF
Enterprise6500Click for PDF
Floorworks Plank6500Click for PDF
Floorworks Tile Collection6500Click for PDF
MIFiber Wall TileFRP AdhesiveClick for PDF
Naturtile6500Click for PDF
PURline9500Click for PDF
Supreme NOP6200Click for PDF
MetroflorAspecta6500Click for PDF
Commonwealth6500Click for PDF
Savannah6500Click for PDF
TufStuf Classic Cut3500Click for PDF
Woodland Path6500Click for PDF
MillikenComfort Plus ES6200Click for PDF
Consequence 2.06200Click for PDF
Freelay LVT6500Click for PDF
Luxury Vinyl Tile & Plank6500Click for PDF
Performance Loop6200Click for PDF
Shadowbox6500Click for PDF
Straight Talk 2.06200Click for PDF
Underscore Back6200Click for PDF
ModularityTiles6500Click for PDF
MohawkAttached Cushion6200Click for PDF
Global Entry Collection6500Click for PDF
Hot & Heavy LVT Collection6500Click for PDF
NXT Thermoplastic6500Click for PDF
PVCICT6500Click for PDF
Stone Walk9500Click for PDF
T-3 back6500Click for PDF
Ultimate Step6500Click for PDF
Walkoff6500Click for PDF
MP Global ProductsDri-Back LVT6500Click for PDF
NACStrataflex3100Click for PDF
NafcoPermastone6500Click for PDF
National Sports FloorsAire Sport3500Click for PDF
NaturelleBrazillian6500Click for PDF
Canadian Maple6500Click for PDF
Marble Carrara6500Click for PDF
Next FloorDevelopment6200Click for PDF
NovalisHarsfield LVT6500Click for PDF
NovalisLVT6500Click for PDF
Parkland PlasticsDuro-LuxFRP AdhesiveClick for PDF
Duro-Lux TileFRP AdhesiveClick for PDF
HDPEFRP AdhesiveClick for PDF
MgOFRP AdhesiveClick for PDF
NRPFRP AdhesiveClick for PDF
PlastexFRP AdhesiveClick for PDF
PatcraftEcoWorx Backing6500Click for PDF
Letterpress LVT6500Click for PDF
Metallix LVT6500Click for PDF
Stratified LVT6500Click for PDF
ParterreAspects6500Click for PDF
Boardroom OakFRP AdhesiveClick for PDF
Elemental6500Click for PDF
Fused6500Click for PDF
Fused Too6500Click for PDF
Hard Core Fresco6500Click for PDF
Ingrain6500Click for PDF
Remedy3500Click for PDF
PlaeBlack Zebra6500Click for PDF
PolyflorApex3500Click for PDF
Expona6500Click for PDF
Forest FX3500Click for PDF
Pearlazzo3100Click for PDF
Polysafe3500Click for PDF
PURTile3100Click for PDF
Ulta 63706500Click for PDF
XL PU Sheet3100Click for PDF
XL PU Tile3100Click for PDF
PolysafeVogue Ultra PUR3500Click for PDF
PowerholdPesara6500Click for PDF
ProcedoVersa Quartz9500Click for PDF
ProsourceBP Emboss6500Click for PDF
Quadrant ModularAbstraction6200Click for PDF
QuartzConcepts9500Click for PDF
Quartz Scapes9500Click for PDF
QuietBLOCKLVT Underlay9500Click for PDF
LVT Underlay6500Click for PDF
Raskin Ind.Elevations Plank6500Click for PDF
Formations Prodigy6500Click for PDF
Responsive IndustriesZeta Kongo6500Click for PDF
Zeta Pegasus6500Click for PDF
Zeta Wood Essence3500Click for PDF
RewardLVT6500Click for PDF
RikettLVT Plank6500Click for PDF
RoppeESD Rubber TileESD 1005Click for PDF
North Coast6500Click for PDF
Northern Leathers6500Click for PDF
SafeTcork Vinyl Tile3100Click for PDF
SathisStar Diamant9500Click for PDF
Shannon Sales IncWoodland Path LVT6500Click for PDF
ShawButler Tawney Oak3500Click for PDF
Eco Logix back6500Click for PDF
Eco Worx6500Click for PDF
Eco Worx back6500Click for PDF
Eco Worx C back6500Click for PDF
EPBL Backing6500Click for PDF
Expose6200Click for PDF
Hard Surfaces LVT6500Click for PDF
IVC6500Click for PDF
Jeogori6500Click for PDF
Market Square6500Click for PDF
Native Origins6500Click for PDF
Nature Life3500Click for PDF
Terraline6500Click for PDF
Uncommon Ground6500Click for PDF
SignatureSignaflex3100Click for PDF
SolarbriteKeystone6500Click for PDF
Solidity by MetroflorLVT6500Click for PDF
StonehardSVT9500Click for PDF
Static WorxEC Sheet3100Click for PDF
EC Tile6200Click for PDF
Eclipse Series RubberESD 1005Click for PDF
ESD VinylESD 1005Click for PDF
Shadow FXESD 1005Click for PDF
Surface innovationsSand FlexFRP AdhesiveClick for PDF
Slate FlexFRP AdhesiveClick for PDF
TajimaAccent Tile6500Click for PDF
Eco Queen6500Click for PDF
Jazz3500Click for PDF
Majesta Woods3500Click for PDF
Med Floor3500Click for PDF
Performance 703500Click for PDF
Seurats3500Click for PDF
Xcela9500Click for PDF
Zodiac3500Click for PDF
TandusC&A Ethos Back6500Click for PDF
Centiva6500Click for PDF
Conserve Back6500Click for PDF
ER3 back6500Click for PDF
ethos PVB back6500Click for PDF
Field Day6500Click for PDF
Flex Air6500Click for PDF
Flex Air back6200Click for PDF
Powerbond Medfloor sheet6500Click for PDF
Tandus|CentivaClassic Plank6500Click for PDF
Contour6500Click for PDF
Event Plank6500Click for PDF
Event Natural Stone6500Click for PDF
LVP Nature6500Click for PDF
Rays Platinum6500Click for PDF
Sacred Rock6500Click for PDF
Victory Magics6500Click for PDF
TarkettAcczent3100Click for PDF
Aloft6500Click for PDF
Azrock9500Click for PDF
Azrock VET9500Click for PDF
Cortina Grande9500Click for PDF
Fiber Floor3500Click for PDF
IQ Gemstone9500Click for PDF
IQ Optima Acoustic6500Click for PDF
Omnisports Training6500Click for PDF
Preference Plus3100Click for PDF
Solidair SVT9500Click for PDF
Transcend6500Click for PDF
TX Excellence Wenge Plank6500Click for PDF
TASCatalina6500Click for PDF
Columbia6500Click for PDF
Murano3100Click for PDF
Odyssey6500Click for PDF
TECHDESIGNLVT Plank6500Click for PDF
LVT Tile6500Click for PDF
TechnoflorFireside3500Click for PDF
Forest Scapes3100Click for PDF
Granite3500Click for PDF
Moonscapes3500Click for PDF
Mountainscapes3500Click for PDF
Natural Collection HE sheet3500Click for PDF
Oak Collection3500Click for PDF
Timberscapes3500Click for PDF
TeknoflorWoodland Path6500Click for PDF
ToliLightwood6500Click for PDF
Linotesta9500Click for PDF
Mature3500Click for PDF
Viale9500Click for PDF
ToMarketFormis Urban Plank6500Click for PDF
Ozogrip6500Click for PDF
Ozotec Preserve3500Click for PDF
Ozotec Product Line3500Click for PDF
Transformations3500Click for PDF
TraversePlank/LVT6500Click for PDF
TredMorDoublestick6100Click for PDF
TufStufClassic Cut3500Click for PDF
Plank You Very Much!3500Click for PDF
T36500Click for PDF
Woodland Path6500Click for PDF
UpofloorHovi Mosaic9500Click for PDF
Van GelderChampion Super Nop6200Click for PDF
Champion LP6200Click for PDF
Champion XP6200Click for PDF
Dominator6200Click for PDF
Dominator LP6200Click for PDF
Natures View6500Click for PDF
VeronaMezzo3100Click for PDF
VPIConductile6500Click for PDF
PRT EarthtonesESD 1005Click for PDF
PRT Tile6500Click for PDF
WE CorkSilently6500Click for PDF
WicandersCork Comfort6500Click for PDF
Vinyl Comfort6500Click for PDF
WildernessAntique Dark6500Click for PDF
WintonTile LVT6500Click for PDF
Woodland PathLVT6500Click for PDF

Wall Products

Flooring ManufacturerProduct NameAdhesive FormulaStatement of Performance
DUMAPLASTDumaplast Wall & Ceiling PanelsFRPClick for PDF
KOLAYDura Wear Wall PanelFRPClick for PDF
LEVANTINA USATechlam HydraWTAClick for PDF
LONSEALLonbeadFRPClick for PDF
MATS INCMl Fiber Wall TileFRPClick for PDF
PARTERREBoardroom OakFRPClick for PDF
SlateflexFRPClick for PDF

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